Digital marketing: how to increase your company’s sales
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Digital marketing strategies to increase your company’s sales

Digital marketing, a term that continues to resonate in an increasingly digitized world, is an essential tool for improving brand image and the visibility of companies. In fact, this sector has grown tremendously in recent years, giving rise to a variety of specialized companies, while others have incorporated it into their service catalog.

Do you want to succeed and increase your company's sales? Then don't forget to invest in a key piece of success: a digital marketing plan. If you want to know the concept, what it's for, its tools, and its main benefits... keep reading!

What is Digital Marketing and What is it For?

Digital marketing, also called online marketing or cyber marketing, has the same purpose as offline or traditional marketing but differs in the means and methods it employs. It can be defined as the set of techniques and marketing strategies that promote a company's products and services through digital media.

The tools and techniques used in marketing change as the digital world evolves, which is continuously developing. 

Benefits of Online Marketing for Your Company

Among the main benefits of digital marketing are:

  • Business Growth
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Increased Potential Customers
  • Community Building
  • Sales Growth

The reasons digital marketing generates sales growth are numerous, such as building a good reputation and optimizing a website to encourage user purchases.

Main Digital Marketing Strategies

The tools of digital marketing are diverse and can be combined based on the specific needs and objectives of each company.

Search Engine Marketing

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The positioning of a website in search engines is one of the most basic aspects of digital marketing, providing visibility. Similar to a small business in a location away from the city center having less chance of being widely known and successful, a "lost" website in search engines will not be relevant.

Google is the most used search engine worldwide, so telling you that we exist and what we sell is crucial. To rank in Google there are two methods:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It involves the organic and natural optimization of a website to improve its placement in Google search engine results. It aims to place the website in the top search results for free by applying design, structure, and content techniques.
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing): It has the same goal as SEO but requires investment. It is developed through paid advertising campaigns, and the company appears in paid results, usually placed at the top and on the right. Various methods can be used to buy ads: Google Ads, PPC (Pay Per Click), and CPC (Cost Per Click).

Content Marketing

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Content marketing involves creating valuable, relevant, and interesting content for the defined target audience. The shared information will build prestige for the company and attract user attention.

Before making a purchase, consumers search for information online, especially from a trained and experienced professional. In the online spectrum, using a blog is ideal for content marketing, conveying credibility and boosting the trust that the customer needs.

It is recommended to publish articles periodically covering the informational needs of customers, making them feel secure with the brand.

Social media marketing (SSM)

Redes sociales

Social media marketing is a set of activities and techniques used on social networks to promote and define the company's image, improve its reputation, gain customer loyalty, create a community, and increase business opportunities.
Social networks can also be used to increase traffic to the website and encourage purchases. Additionally, Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns are increasingly likely to succeed.

Having a presence on social networks is essential for getting known. In Argentina alone, there were 36 million active social media users in January 2021, representing 79.3% of the population and a 5.9% growth compared to the same month the previous year, according to the Digital 2021: Argentina study by Datareportal.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing involves developing a communication strategy with customers through email, whether to disseminate newsletters, order confirmations, or notify promotions and offers, among other things.
Email is a more personal, close, and direct communication channel. Therefore, effective email management will strengthen ties with customers. Also, an email campaign with a clear and valuable content strategy will significantly increase conversion chances.

The Importance of Your Company's Website

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The website is the main showcase of a brand, the company's introduction letter that defines its corporate image and communicates messages about it. The website should be in harmony with the digital marketing strategy, as the image, messages, and content must be in sync with the company's overall online presence.

The website allows the company to define and differentiate itself from competitors, highlighting its best features. In the current consumer landscape, individuals research, compare, and read reviews about a product or service before making a purchase. Therefore, products or services offered on the website should include detailed information with clear, concise, and attractive texts to attract users. In other words, the website should attract, not chase.

,Digital marketing in your company will be decisive in positioning your brand and increasing your sales. If you want to attract more customers, strengthen your brand, and be one of the preferred ones in the market, feel free to consult with us!